Give a hoot. Don’t dilute.

You know that friend of yours who talks all the time but has nothing relevant to say? Sure you do. We all have that friend. Sadly, many brands speak in a similarly convoluted manner. This is because organizations often overlook the most important aspect of communication: clarity. Clarity is something we all crave. In our [...]

Faces of Food billboards


Our assignment with this outdoor campaign was to help consumers better understand how our daily food choices can affect positive change. (Organic, locally grown food is better for you, Mother Earth, and all of her inhabitants. Keep this in mind next time you’re grocery shopping.)  One of these boards was featured in the Print Regional [...]

Clickfarm website

Clickfarm website

I worked directly with Clickfarm’s managing partners to create an online presence that merges the company’s savvy tech skills with its friendly persona. Rather than go the usual farm cliché route, we opted to create a brand personality that emphasizes the pluses of working with Clickfarm—fresh interactive ideas wrapped in a can-do attitude.  

Roasterie print ad campaign


Part of a print campaign for The Roasterie, a coffee supplier that imports superior blends from around the world. This project included creative direction, concept, copy and tagline development. The campaign earned local and regional awards recognition.                                     [...]

Found website

Found website

Found is an innovative company that uses marketing strategy to help clients increase sales and uncover new opportunities. I led the brand development process, which included business identity materials and website concept and copy. The site combines company information with items that are often lost or historically difficult to find. This gives visitors the opportunity to go [...]

Blue Cross Blue Shield TV campaign


This direct response television campaign demonstrates the benefits of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Individual Healthcare Plan through the misfortunes of an unlucky snack seeker.  The upside of direct response TV is discounted media rates. The challenge is, a direct call-to-action (CTA) is required throughout the majority of the commercial. Consequently, the spots include a [...]